The optimal extension to the tiller for a improved slope quality

Gentle ski run preparation guaranteed – maximised life span of the ski run

If you want to prepare the snow surface gently and environmentally friendly the FRONTRENOVATOR (patent) is the ideal solution. It represents the most efficient mechanism for the renovation of hard and icy slopes. The working depth is adjustable from 0 - 40 cm, according to the snow conditions. In the working process, old layers of snow are mixed up with the hard snow, ice and new snow of the surface, without the structure of the snow crystals being destroyed. As a result you gently build up a solid level base (just like in any road construction). Thus, you get a comfortable gripping surface. In the same process moguls and bumps are levelled by filling them in with snow. The tiller‘s job at the rear end of the snow cat is to produce a perfect, fine grained finish.

For an optimal ski run quality the tiller produces superficially the necessary snow-fine-material as grout for the fusion with the fundament. Since the snow foundation becomes porous, it allows the snow to breathe so that the steam can escape without affecting the snow surface. When the snow is being ventilated, the remaining moisture in the snow crystallises. This way the snow volume can be built up. The whole foundation freezes and turns into a perfectly resistant and gripping ski run. Whereas, icing is cut down to zero, quality and lifetime both of downhill areas as well as of cross country tracks increases dramatically.

A multi-purpose equipment

This highly efficient implement stands out for its manysided uses and easy handling. Thus the concept of the FRONTRENOVATOR has been proving a success for decades in the highly demanding preparation of competition cross country courses as well as recreational classic and skating tracks everywhere. The FONTRENOVATOR also gained a good reputation as the ideal machine for the preparation of sled runs and snowmobile trails.

Simple adaptation to all snow cats

The FRONTRENOVATOR is attachable to every quick mount system of all types of tracked vehicles with power hydraulics. According to the working width, the equipment is operated with one to four units ranging from 1.50 to 4.20 m. They operate independently, so that they can each follow the lie of the land perfectly. The exceptional robust steel construction ensures maximum reliability. Every cutting element is equipped with an efficient automatic release system in order to avoid damage to the environment.


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