the pioneer in snowtechnology

the pioneer in snowtechnology

Welcome to Bächler Top Track

The Bächler Top Track AG is a worldwide provider of custom-built solutions in the field of snow processing and snowmaking. The high-quality products and in-house expertise have made Bächler well-known in the world. To achieve and enlarge this image, it is aspired an always higher customer satisfaction and it sets a high value on the performance, quality and energy-efficiency of the products.

The strenghts are the great commitment, flexibility and efficieny-oriented thinking of the employees, long-time experience, global presence, modular constructions, technological lead and innovation skills. It enables with the pioneering solutions to continually enhance the customers‘ competitive edge.


19.01.2019 52

Slopes checked! Bachler-Lances checked! 65-years Anniversary Winterparty checked! @pizolbahnen with DJ @sylvio_rodrigues ✌️ #NESSy #SnoTek #BachlerTopTrack #SwissInnovation #SwissMade #Pizol #Winterparty

16.01.2019 8

Die Doppelseilwinde WiNDUS mit der Schanzenanlauf-Spurfräse im Einsatz in

11.01.2019 11

Schön die 10-MGD Reischelbergbahn I+II bei Hochficht Bergbahnen. Oh, da seht ja noch etwas Hübsches!

05.01.2019 45

On the right side a Bachler SnoTek ❄️

02.01.2019 17

What a nice pic.

31.12.2018 27

Bachler plays with his small, powerful team only a little number on the world market - the number 1!

31.12.2018 17

Bächler spielt im Weltmarkt mit seinem kleinen, schlagkräftigen Team nur eine kleine Nummer - die Nummer 1!

24.12.2018 56

Merry christmas around the glob from your Bachler-Crew! Enjoy the time with your familie, good friends and hopefully on the slope.

23.12.2018 25

Frohe Weihnachten in die ganze Welt von deiner Bachler-Crew! Geniesse die Zeit mit deiner Familie, guten Freunden und hoffentlich auf der Piste!

22.12.2018 48

Mostly the Bachler-Crew is very professional and top serious. And sometimes ...

22.12.2018 10

Happy weekend to all! Bachler-SnoTekTRIDUSA @Ehrwalder Almbahn.
#SnoTekTRIDUSA #BachlerTopTrack #SwissInnovation #SwissMade

19.12.2018 68

Night session at Maiskogel! ❄️

15.12.2018 48

Happy winter sports weekend to all! Hopefully with perfect conditions, made with little support of a Bachler-Lance.

14.12.2018 12

Wow ... we love you guys!
#SnoTek #BachlerTopTrack #SwissInnovation #SwissMade


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Hauptsitz Schweiz
Lohrensäge 2
CH-6020 Emmenbrücke
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Österreich West
Bächler Top Track AG
Zweigniederlassung Austria
Bergmannstrasse 7
AT-6850 Dornbirn
Harry Schulze
Tel. +43 664 4799 729
Österreich Ost
Bächler Top Track AG
Zweigniederlassung Austria
Bergmannstrasse 7
AT-6850 Dornbirn
Klaus Weisl
Tel. +43 664 4799 744
Schweiz/Schwarzwald/Schwäbische Alb
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Bächler Top Track AG
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Bächler Top Track AG
Claus Dangel
Tel. +41 79 414 11 06
Italien West
Bächler Top Track AG
Harry Schulze
+43 664 4799 729
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Bächler Top Track AG
Klaus Weisl
Tel. +43 664 4799 744
Rafal Topolski CEO
Tel. +48 784 6364 76
JL Toppteknik AB
Jens Eide
Tel. +46 565 71 12 10
Mountain Service s.r.o.
Jiří Lhota
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Vladimir Marin
Tel. +7 916 205 60 40
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Alice Liang Liping
Tel. +86 10 8837 1007

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