Perfect for the entry in to the low-cost snowmaking

Vanessa is the snowmaker in modular construction. It joints the features from a towergun and a fangun. The modification is at any time possible thanks to the different modules.

Vanessa has an assimilable air consumption (540 l/min.) as the current snowguns. She is optimal for the entry in to the low-cost snowmaking and perfect in single-stage construction.

The determination of value under the conditions of only -2.5° wetball-temperatur result in a snow productivity of 11 m3/h (with 4x20er nozzles and 20 bar water pressure). Already with a wetball-temperature of -5° it is possible to synchronize 4 additional 20er nozzles for light, powder snow (22 m3/h) or 4x40er nozzles for compact snow (32 m3/h-basic snowing). Synchronizing the 2 and the 3 stages is recomended at high winds and as well in very dry air conditions to increase the specific gravity of snow.

The modular system is available as manual as well as automatic controlled lance. There are 3 various models:
VANESSA the standard-model, TRACK for aisle snowmaking and MEDUSA the double head type.

The lance exists in lenght of 3.5, 5, 7 as well as 10 m.


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