LiMES - Indoor snow


LiMES - Indoor snow

The revolution in indoor snowmaking

Existing snowmaking systems for indoor Skiareas and SNOW-Funcenters have exorbitant high costs for
energyconsumption. The compared price is minimum five times higher than LiMES. While indoor snowmaking
the temperature in the area increases relatively fast. Not in case with LiMES! There is nearly no
measurable temperature increase and you can produce snow for hours or even days without interruption.


Advantages of LiMES:

  • Startup Temperature -1°C wet bulb temperature
  • Nearly no increase of ambiant temperature during snowmaking process
  • Extremely fast snowproduction guaranteed 50 m3 of snow in 24 hours with 1 Unit
  • Snowquality can be chosen depending of your demand from superdry- to wet-snow
  • Very good spread of the produced snow
  • The snow covers a field of 15 m in width and 60 m in length
  • Much lower price for the initial investment
  • Easy handling
  • Moveable snowmaker, snow can be produced where it will be needed
  • Very low energyconsumption

Technical datas:

Model LiMES
Genre Indoor snowmaking
Type of control manually on / off
Dimensions L x W x H 850 x 850 x 900 mm
Weight incl. lifting device 29 kg
Energyconsumption over all 35 kW
Air supply 30 kW screw compressor
Power connection -
Water flow 18 l/min
Working pressure Air Air 10 bar / Water 10 - 20 bar
Nozzle equipment 3 patented special nozzles
Snow production performance 3 (wet snow) to 4.5 (dry snow) m3/hour
Specific snow weight 330 to 220 kg/m3
Start snowmaking from marginal temperature -1°C wet bulb temperature
Water pressure control Manual valve
Quality change possible? Yes
Tilt 0 to 30°
Rotation 360°
Snow covers 15 to 60 m
Groundwork not necessary
Special feature nearly no measurable increase of the
ambient temperature even with continuous
operation over several days


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