Home Snow


Home Snow

Snow at home for everyone!

This small and portable snow-machine has been made especially for private, hotels and clubs use so that nobody will miss having a white Christmas!
  • The only requirements to make snow is water (about 5 – 7°C) from a normal house water connection and an outside temperature of at least –1 to –3°C.
  • Snow can be produced at higher temperatures depending on how dry the air is, this means for instance at 50 % air humidity, it will start snowing at –1°C.
  • The pump and compressor both need to be connected with normal 230 volt connections - model BIG 400 volt.
  • The small snow gun makes about 1 – 2.5 m3/hour of snow with normal quality, as compared with the professional snow guns with the same features by a wet-bulb temperature of -3°C.
  • It‘s possible to put the standpipe from the lance in a parasol support or in the earth using a screw-in foundation.
  • This machine can also be used as a high pressure cleaner or as compressor in spring/summer/autumn.

Technical data

Lance: Standard BIG
ance length 3m 3m
outside-diameter standpipe 6.05 cm 6.05 cm
water hose length 3m 3m
air hose length 3m 3m
tilt adjustable adjustable
(ready for connection to the compressor and high-pressure cleaner)

High-pressure cleaner:
electrical connection 230 V / 50 Hz 400 V / 50 Hz, CEE16 plug
power consumption 2.2 kW 9.2 kW
operating pressure 50 – 115 bar 30 – 250 bar
flow rate 500 l/h 1000 l/h
weight 15 kg 75 kg

electrical connection 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
power consumption 0.56 kW 0.56 kW
operating pressure 8 – 10 bar 8 – 10 bar
flow rate 85 l/min 85 l/min
weight 22 kg 22 kg


Home Snow
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