Park Runner


Park Runner

For preparing of fun parks and snow-tubing runs

The PARK RUNNER is the ideal implement to build up and prepare fun parks, boarder cross areas, snow tubing runs and quarter pipes as well as half pipes.

It is running with a quite high working speed on both sides - left and right - in one direction. This is possible because of the patented overhead turning mechanism of 180°. The very light and really easy to handle front-adding equipment with it’s patented grooming system can be mounted on small, medium and big snow grooming vehicles.

Mounting on snow groomers:

till 2.50 m crawler width: directly on individual attachment bracket
from 2.50 m crawler width: with a shifting bar

Technical data:

Weight: 490 kg
Measures: L 3125 x B 500 x H 2500 mm
Radius: 1.5 m
Pivoting range: 180°
Rotational speed: 13 m/s


Park Runner
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