Skijump inrun tiller ALOSLIDE


Skijump inrun tiller ALOSLIDE

Always the perfect track for workout and competition!

With the track system ALOSLIDE® ICE you have the possibility to prepare a perfect and regular track in summer or also in winter times.

In summer activity the top athletes achieve by national or international competitions on ceramic pins at minimum the same jump speed. After the summer activity the one-tracksystem can be converted easily for the winter activity. The integrated, automatic irrigations system combined with cooling unit, which is used also in if pavillons, ensures a stable, circa 15 - 20 mm thick layer of ice within a short time.

Preparation of the inrun

The skijump inrun preparation system is available in two variations.

Type Comfort

The preparation-system "Comfort" is drawed up by a winch which is mounted at the top of the skijump tower. Thereby the carriage is guided on two guiding rails. The winch is TÜV approved and designed for passenger transportation. The cleaning blade can be mounted to clean the track from the snow. The integrated track tiller prepare an absolute plane inrun with grooves so that the water can drain free iq test of if necessary. Without constrain the athlets. In summer and winter activity the track can be cleaned with an electrical motorised brush system.

Type Basic

The preparation-system "Basic" is drawed up by a winch like the "Comfort" model but without a permission for passenger transportation. The preparation-system consists of a tiller and a brush unit and is guided by the Plastic track limitation on the side. The choice of the types has no influence on the result of the inrun. The basic construction is equipped with a simpler and smaller winch and is without the carriage, cleaning blade and guiding rails which are only used for the carriage.

Technical data

Tiller 440 kg (Basic: 200 kg)  
Cleaning blade 60 kg (Basic: inexistent)  
Tiller 4 stroke gas engine 10.4 kW (14 PS)
  motor speed max. 3‘750 min-1
Bürste El.-Motor DC 24 V - 180 W
  motor 1‘500 min-1
  lead accumulator DC 24 V - 18 Ah
  battery charger AC 100 - 240 V - 4A


Die Abdeckplane schützt die Spur vor Neuschnee und Regen. Zusätzlich dient die Abdeckplane als Sonnenschutz, damit die Schnee-/Eisspur weniger schnell schmilzt.


Skijump inrun tiller ALOSLIDE
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