Skijump inrun tiller SA-SF


Skijump inrun tiller SA-SF

The perfect track for workout and competition!

Perfect inrun grooming ensuring utmost safety and consistency for all competitors in all conditions - in FIS standard.

The tiller is driven by a powerful four stroke, two cylinder gasoline engine (16 HP) and a variable speed transmission. The track grooves are tilled and then formed by the premoulder. The following trackplate and its trackmoulds with a platform for the operator is compressing and polishing the preformed inrun profile of the track. The absolutely straight drive of the tiller is guaranteed by a galvanised guide track which is mounted onto the ski jump sub-construction.

There is the possibility to smoth down the snow surface to the same level as the upper edge of the guide rail in manual way or by the optional available Pushing Blade SA-SF/RS which works at the snow surface in different rail distances and over the whole width automatically.

Moreover the Skijump Inrun Tiller is inspected and certificated with EG-TÜV-CE.


Has the same features as mentioned above, but it contains additional a variable track distance to the rail with telescope-axles to change the distance between rail and track, if the tiller is used on different skijump towers.


Is enable to planish the skijump inrun over the whole width and is adjustable in the height for different rail distances owing a spindle mechanism. Furthermore the SA-SF/RS is automatically pressed to the rails with the deicing installation.


Smooth, safe and timesaving adding of snow on the designated spot.


The tarpaulin protects the track in front of snow and rain. In addition, the tarpaulin serves as a sun protection, so that the snow or ice track melts less quickly.


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