LEXUS und SHARKUS - The original one!


With the FLEXUS tracksetter you prepare the perfect track. The track plate is able to prepare 1 up to 4 parallel tracks at the same time depending on the width of the snow groomer. The several track plates can be raised individually hydraulically.

So it exists the opportunity to prepare only one track on the site and the remain of the snow grommer width is availabe for skating-trails. The pressure can be adjusted hydraulically from the driving seat. By the light construction the main tiller of the snow groomer is loaded to a minimum. So the driver has a good maneuverability in the area and the wastage is little.


Do you have a hard and heavly icy surface? No problem, the tracksetter tiller SHARKUS, which prepares the snow at the widht of the slope, mixes up the snow and ensures a perfect slope combined with FLEXUS.


  • Shifting bar electrical:The right and the left track plate can be adjusted 600 mm by an electrical cylinder.
  • Shifting bar manual:The track plates can be adjusted arbitrary. The clamping lever conduces to the adjustment of the several track modules.
  • Track width adjustment:The distance between both track bodies of the track plate can be adjusted electrically. This allows an adjustment of the track width between 225 and 325 mm. It‘s an advantage for kids-tracks or for downhills.
  • Number of track plates:1 up to 4 track plates pro work process, depending on the width of the snow groomer.


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