Loads of snow without energy

NESSy ZeroE snows even in the limit temperature range, –2° to –3° C wet-bulb temperature, at absolutely no electricity and additional energy.

The compressed air required for ice crystal formation comes directly from the patented snow producer itself. An ejector pump produces an air/watermixture subse-quently split individually into compressed air and water. This is why NESSy ZeroE offers exactly the same good snowing properties as NESSy and SnoTek even in limit temperature ranges.

NESSy ZeroE is the ideal supplement for the existing lances manufactured by Bächler Top Track AG for use where either no compressed air or else no power is available. The lance has a modular structure and is compatible with NESSy and SnoTek. 3 to 8 additional steps are integrated so that suf-ficientsnow can be produced even in colder temperatures. Noise emissions are extremely low giving NESSy ZeroE yet another advantage.

Technical data

Lance lengths 2m / 3m / 5m / 7m / 8.5m / 10m
((other lengths on request) )
Water supply 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch
KAMLOK female
Minimum pressure water 20 bar
Maximum pressure water 65 bar
Power intake 0 kW
Water throughput 52 l/min. bei 20 bar*
90 l/min. bei 60 bar
Water throughput max. 220 l/min.

* in limit temperature range: –2° Fk to –3° Fk


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